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About bushcraftercz

Hello, I am an amateur wildlife photographer, keen outdoorsman and sportsman, and also owner of several phototraps. My intention is, by the way, to present here some of my photos, which are all taken in real wildlife enviroment. So no zooparks, no deer-parks, no house-trained animals here. Because I am just an amateur taking photos for excitement, fun and personal research, I can afford that:-). I take photos mainly in Czech woodland, which have its genius loci and specific spirit for me. For photography, I use Nikon D80 camera along with Tamron 18-270mm lenses, plus Ltl Acorn and Bushnell Trophy Cam 2009/2010 phototraps. Why do I do this stuff? It´s relaxation from my job and also from my other, different hobbies. My results are very humble, but I enjoy it even more, and will be happy for every comment you provide. Thanks for your time!
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